Lansing MI Lansing MI

Age: 25

Phone: +13135095321

Nationality: No data

Eyes: Gray

Hair: Black


Description - Mr_JT_Owenz Lansing MI Lansing MI

I’m JT (Mr. Owenz) from Leslie Mi; 25 yr old mixed race country boy. Yes my eyes are very real and this is no scam I AM REAL lol
Im a very honest, funny, intelligent, good looking, fun & intriguing guy!
i LOVE nature; every season is something special and I’m very photogenic... my energy and my personality are both very unique. Most people have told me they respect and enjoy the way I present and how I carry myself. You’ll just have to expierience JT yourself for a full understanding.

is actually the text number I use at first but I do have an iPhone so I have a real number and FaceTime as well.
is the email I can also be reached at If thats your preferred way or if I’m not responding for some reason.