Brad Borrelli
Atlanta GA Atlanta GA

Age: 28

Phone: +14703019586

Nationality: American

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brunette

Brad Borrelli

Description - Brad Borrelli Atlanta GA Atlanta GA

You may be looking for simple emotional fulfilment, simple hug, few compliments, or a ravishing date to make your friends jealous; Or you may need some soul-refreshing healing. I know how important a feeling of well being, youthful confidence and release is; if you are not receiving enough of this, I can help you. I believe every person is unique and should have an experience tailored just for you. A lot of Gigolos will show up, Go through the motions without creating that real connection. That's what sets me apart. I want you to feel wanted, engaged, and relaxed. I’m very playful, willing to fulfil your every desire. Feel free to give in to your fantasies, try out new idea's. Role-Play (RP), Massage, They are just the beginning... Get creative! I'm experienced and understand what your needs are. I can will provide Companionship, Romance, Passion, Emotional and Physical connection. I can be gentle or rough (whatever your preference is). Whether it's great conversation, finding out what thrills you or fulfilling your most sensual fantasies. I aim to please. I will will give specialized attention to your individual needs and personal goals.